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Artist Statement

Most recently, my works in clay are developed from my experiences in Art over the last 30 years.  Now is the time in my life where 30 years of art experiences are developing through an early favorite medium. Current design ideas in clay stem from observations while travelling abroad, interest in industrial materials and design, and inspiration from contemporary Japanese ceramics and Raku firing techniques. Many of the forms I create are reminiscent of vessels from the past, while the variation of color in the glaze makes a strong connection back to nature with the variety of color and texture on the pot surface. I also have a strong interest in combining natural found objects, as well as, industrial metal into my clay pieces.


During my travels to Japan, Vietnam, and South Korea I was fascinated with the use and beauty of tea bowls. The variety of shapes, surface texture, and glazing are different from one region to the next. The connection between a person and the tea bowl in one’s hand is very meaningful. It elicits a feeling of relaxation and calm.


My formal training includes a B.A. in Art Education from Eastern Illinois University, an M.A. in Art Education and an Ed. D. in Educational Organization and Leadership from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

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